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Fri Feb 22 06:54:54 UTC 2013

now you **only** need to find the bootleneck :) 

maybe its better to run ab from a machine in the same network 
instead of running on the same machine, esp. with one core.

Rakan Alhneiti Wrote:
> Hello,
> Thank you all for your support.
> *Mex: *
> *1) is the setup of your vmware similar to you ec2 - instance? i talk
> esp.
> about RAM/CPU-power here.*
> Yes, i've setup the vmware machine to be 1.7 G in ram and 1 core just
> like
> the small ec2 instance.
> *2) do you have a monitoring on your instances, checking for
> load/ram-zusage, iowait etc?*
> What goes on here is that my CPU usage per uwsgi process is around 13%
> and
> server load starts to get much higher. MySQL operations usually take
> 6-8 ms
> which are optimized and not slowing the app down. once the load starts
> rising, the app slows down and more connections start to fail.
> *Jan-Philip:*
> *Do you run the benchmark program on the same virtual machine as the
> web
> stack?? For yielding conclusive results, you certainly don't want to
> make
> ab, nginx, and all other entities involved compete for the same CPU.
> *Yes, on both machines i try to run ab on the same machine. So that i
> am
> profiling the app from within taking away any network latency that can
> affect the response rate. I tried running the test from a linode
> machine to
> an EC2 instance... same results.
> Again, thank you for your support, i am persevering on this until i
> find
> out what the issue is.

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