AW: AW: Webserver crashes sometimes - don't know why

Patrik Kernstock info at
Mon Jan 7 09:41:24 UTC 2013

I already built nginx with the --with-debug flag. Well, I have 10GB for my
/var/log/ partition. I hope that this is enough :)
I don't know when the next crash will be, so I have to wait. Thanks for the
help. I it crashes again I will answer back.

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Well, actually you have to recompile the source-code and configure it with
--with-debug AND enable the debug command behind error.log (see link [1] at
the bottom of the mail).

Obviously this will log a huge amounts of data, so make sure you are
filesystem can cope with the amount of data logged.


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> Subject: AW: Webserver crashes sometimes - don't know why
> Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 10:18:26 +0100
> Hi Lukas,
> No, I currently have the latest development version from svn of 
> 01.01.2013
> - 1.3.11. (Revision 5001).
> I only have one installed module: headers more
> Have I add "debug" behind error.log? I currently have it without debug 
> and I don't see any information about the crash.
> Thanks for your help :)
> Greets,
> Patschi

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