Enabling proxy cache causes all responses to be buffered

sachintheonly nginx-forum at nginx.us
Fri Jan 18 10:26:42 UTC 2013


I am using nginx as a download proxy cache, caching files locally. I have
configured nginx to cache certain paths, for the rest I set
proxy_cache_bypass to make sure they are not cached.

The config looks something like this:

    proxy_buffering on;
    proxy_cache_path  _ at cache_path_@  levels=1:2   keys_zone=cache_one:128m
inactive=1440m max_size=2000m;
    proxy_cache_methods GET;
        location /service {
            # Send request to java objectStoreService servlet
            proxy_cache_bypass true;
            proxy_pass url;

        location ~ /get_file$ {
            proxy_pass url;

However I see that every response is being buffered and saved for futur even
when proxy_cache_bypass is set to true, how can I skip caching and buffering
altogether for unwanted paths for example /service in the above conf

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!


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