Nginx upstream servers status

Sandeep L sandeepvreddy at
Wed Jul 3 04:55:35 UTC 2013


I am trying to configure nginx with upstream.

We have 3 machines where we run application server and proxy passing all requests from nginx to application serves.

I used following configuration in nginx:

upstream appcluster {

  server max_fails=2 fail_timeout=300s;

  server max_fails=2 fail_timeout=300s;


Now issue is if the request comes to nginx when one server is down 
due to unknown reasons its waiting for a long time getting response or 
some times its getting connection timeout.

Is there any module in nginx to get upstream servers status and forward requests only working upstream server.

Can someone suggest me right configuration to get response from 
appcluster without latency or connection time out whenever a server wont 

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