LDAP + Header Rewrite

GregYoung nginx-forum at nginx.us
Thu Jul 11 09:45:15 UTC 2013

We have been looking around for a while on this one without luck so I
figured I would see if anyone here might have an idea. Nginx seems to be
able  to do everything if you can just figure out how :)

We are trying to use nginx as a reverse proxy / trusted intermediary for
authentication. We would like to have nginx authenticate via LDAP for us and
then add a header to the request representing the authenticated user and the
groups they belong to eg:

"TrustedIntermediaryUserInformation: greg; admins, all, users"

We have LDAP authentication working and we have nginx working as a pass
through. We are just unsure of how to get the information from the LDAP
module to add the header.

Thanks in advance,


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