proxy_cache calculating size error under SSD drive but not SATA drive

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Fri Jul 19 00:54:48 UTC 2013

Thanks thanks so much!!! :D

I even saw that ticket before posting, but I figured out it was not the
problem just because I do use XFS for my nginx_caches at 4 servers without
this problem, and also I did test changing the path to point to a XFS
partition on SATA drive, and the problem dissapeared.

If you have a look at the ticket, that user also use a SSD drive and have
the alloc problem.... it seems like if only at SSD drives, the size
notification is incorrect because of the allocsize, but not on SATA drives,
although the allocsize is default for both of them, at least in my case!!!!

Have a look at my first post and see at SATA drive, with XFS defaults, the
cache gets fullfilled exactly and if I configure 2500Gb, the "du -hs" when
core starts force expiring objects, is just that 2500Gb..... the measures al
exact and real.

Not the same for SSD.. do you think people is something to review by
developers somehow?


Maxim Dounin Wrote:

> Try looking into this ticket:
> With XFS, a file size reported on just created files before a file 
> is closed is incorrect, and this might confuse nginx.
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