Not listing proxy_pass port 8009

Miguel C. miguelmclara at
Tue Jul 23 18:57:17 UTC 2013

You can't browse to the URL because there is no web application running on port 8009.

You tell nginx to listen on port far all good.

But then you are telling nginx to proxy_pass the request to a diferent port...
So the question is more: is this really what you want? If so... may I ask what's supposed to be listening on port 8009?

I mean you said before that nothing is listening on port 8009... but you want nginx to proxy the requests to that port... this makes no sense. 

imran_kh <nginx-forum at> wrote:
>Thanks for the reply but when I am browsing or using ip
>getting error  " 502 bad gateway".
>Please suggest me on this..
>Imran Khan.
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