Nginx changing settings on the fly?

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> B.R. thanks for not answering the question. Perhaps you'd do well to
> RTFM(essage)?
No problem, you are welcome...​

> Should I assume that that only way to set the weight parameter is by
> updating the config file and reloading the config?

If you RTFM and got interested in Nginx design and the way it deals with
its configuration, you would have known that a master process loads the
configuration and spawns workers which only job is to deal with requests.​

So... Changing configuration would mean signaling the master process in
some way...

You could write configuration in a conf.d directory where Nginx loads
*.conf files with a script and then automatically behind signal Nginx to
reload the conf with the same script.

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I am deeply sorry to have provided you with a RTFM answer that outraged you.
Please accept my apologies and rest assured that won't occur anymore.
Sometimes silence is golden.
*B. R.*
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