Mono + Nginx (OpenBSD 5.3)

Gee g.plumb at
Tue May 7 23:08:29 UTC 2013

After some more faffing with XSP4 and Web.config, I was at least able to
serve a 'Hello World' via TCP.  So this proves that nginx and mono can work
together on my setup.

So in going back to the unix sockets, I still have the same problem.  As
already suggested, this does look like a permissions issue - which sounds

Having said that, I can't seem to get past it  :-(

I have chmod '777' (for now) - to no avail.
I ran chmod a+rwx as well - to no avail.
I even tried a different path - sadly, to no avail!

I am sure I am missing something obvious, although I have no idea what it
could be... :-(

Any advice/help would be hugely appreciated!

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