Migrating existing Apache config

Kay Hayen kay.hayen at gmail.com
Wed May 8 19:57:07 UTC 2013


> I would suggest not to use any ready-to-use-conversion-tools but rather
> learn the differences and convert the hosts manually one by one.  It took me
> a couple of days to convert all of our sites to nginx and two weeks more to
> realize the differences of Apache and Nginx handling very specific cases,
> such as PHP environment in particular scenario where old PHP scripts would
> rely on SCRIPT_URI/SCRIPT_URL that is not available in nginx, or scripts
> using PATH_INFO/PATH_TRANSLATED, and these have to be correctly set.

I am glad to say that I use only static pages with Nikola, and that no php is on
my site at all. I need reverse proxies though, and virtual hosts for git, and so

> If you do not want to spend valuable time for learning and adopting, you may
> always rely on reliable users with experience  ;)

I am not so sure, if it's really worth it. But I think I am sold on
trying it out anyway,
and will learn how to do things then. Lets see, how that works out.


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