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Sat May 11 22:19:53 UTC 2013

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> Hello,
> Is Wheezy supported for Nginx?

Not yet. I plan to build packages for wheezy and ubuntu 13.04 in a
week or two.

> Would it be possible to use role-based package selection for the Nginx APT source?

No, I see potential problems here: nginx binary depends on certain libraries versions,
for example nginx for wheezy will be built with spdy module and thus will require
openssl >= 1.0.1. But what will be happened when testing becames stable and stable -
oldstable? As far as I understand it may result in someone will install wheezy package
on squeeze and it will not start at all.

> That means using:
> deb stable
>  nginx
> deb-src 
> stable nginx
> Instead of:
> deb squeeze
>  nginx
> deb-src 
> squeeze nginx
> Thanks,
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