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Thanks for your answer.

I don't really see the problem.

If the user also uses role-based sources (which is not the default setting
in Squeeze, didn't check in Wheezy), if he tries to get the 'stable' Nginx
package, then his system has already the 'stable' packages from the
distribution, hence he satisfies all required dependencies.
When 'stable' goes 'old-stable' and 'testing' goes 'stable', on his next
upgrade, he'll pull all system packages from the new stable, at the same
time he pulls the new Nginx package.

In short: Someone can't pull the 'stable' Nginx package without having
his/her system pulling the 'stable' packages from Debian.

Of course, to support users which will need time to make the upgrade to the
new stable, you will need to maintain an 'old-stable' package for the
'old-stable' ditribution, hence a version of Nginx that people can install
on Squeeze (without spdy or openssl >= 1.0.1).
I suppose that you'll freeze the 'old-stable' at some point (which you'll
need to decide since 1.4 got out before Wheezy) and only rebuild the
'old-stable' package in cases of security issues.

IMHO, there is no system incoherence scenario in which someone would try to
install the Wheezy-built Nginx on Squeeze using the 'stable' role-based
*B. R.*

On Sat, May 11, 2013 at 6:19 PM, Sergey Budnevitch <sb at> wrote:

> On 11  May2013, at 07:52 , B.R. <reallfqq-nginx at> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > Is Wheezy supported for Nginx?
> Not yet. I plan to build packages for wheezy and ubuntu 13.04 in a
> week or two.
> >
> > Would it be possible to use role-based package selection for the Nginx
> APT source?
> No, I see potential problems here: nginx binary depends on certain
> libraries versions,
> for example nginx for wheezy will be built with spdy module and thus will
> require
> openssl >= 1.0.1. But what will be happened when testing becames stable
> and stable -
> oldstable? As far as I understand it may result in someone will install
> wheezy package
> on squeeze and it will not start at all.
> > That means using:
> > deb stable
> >  nginx
> > deb-src
> > stable nginx
> > Instead of:
> > deb squeeze
> >  nginx
> > deb-src
> > squeeze nginx
> > Thanks,
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> > B. R.
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