Add [nginx] to subject lines on this mailing list?

Daniel Griscom griscom at
Thu May 16 13:26:24 UTC 2013

At 9:18 AM -0400 5/16/13, Jim Ohlstein wrote:
>On 05/16/13 08:10, Daniel Griscom wrote:
>>List-Id isn't shown in my inbox listing, so that doesn't help me when
>>I'm scanning my inbox. Even when I open the email I have to scan the
>>headers to figure out just what the specific email is about.
>>All (almost?) of my other mailing lists follow this convention, which
>>makes sense since every email from the "nginx" mailing list has to do
>>with nginx, but few people bother to put "nginx" in the subject lines of
>>their posts. Without this there's an assumed context for the message
>>that isn't clear from the message subject.
>I think what Maxim was alluding to is that any decent email client 
>will sort messages for you based on headers if you set it do do so. 
>This way you don't need to scan your entire inbox for messages from 
>a particular list and the "assumed context" can be a somewhat safe 

OK; I haven't seen an email client like that, but if that's most 
people's experience then that's fine by me.

>Since you mention the conventions followed in other mailing lists, 
>and you read this one, perhaps you should note that top posting is 
>discouraged on this list, and messages are answered inline by the 
>developers (as your original one was). Just a thought.

OK, will do.


>>So, personally I'd like to have it turned on, but if there's a reason to
>>keep it off then that's fine by me.
>>At 3:59 PM +0400 5/16/13, Maxim Konovalov wrote:
>>>On 5/16/13 3:41 PM, Daniel Griscom wrote:
>>>>  This mailing list is run by Gnu's Mailman application. The default
>>>>  configuration for Mailman adds a "[NameOfMailList]" prefix to the
>>>>  subject of every sent email, e.g.
>>>>>  Subject: [Congregation] Tuesday's Notes
>>>>  This makes it very easy to sort out my inbox, and gives my spam
>>>>  filter something to key on.
>>>>  On the nginx mailing list this has been turned off, so I find it
>>>>  hard to figure out why someone unknown is writing me about "bug?",
>>>>  and often find the list emails in my junk mail folder.
>>>>  I'd like to have the setting turned back on; would that be OK?
>>>  >
>>>Doesn't List-Id header suit your needs?
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