Add [nginx] to subject lines on this mailing list?

Daniel Griscom griscom at
Thu May 16 15:07:28 UTC 2013

At 3:34 PM +0200 5/16/13, René Neumann wrote:
>Am 16.05.2013 15:18, schrieb Jim Ohlstein:
>>  I think what Maxim was alluding to is that any decent email client will
>>  sort messages for you based on headers if you set it do do so. This way
>>  you don't need to scan your entire inbox for messages from a particular
>>  list and the "assumed context" can be a somewhat safe assumption.
>As an alternative, use a mail-server which supports server-side sorting.
>For example using Sieve.

Sorry; I didn't think my suggestion would be all 
that controversial. As a data point, I checked 
through my email archive for Mailman-based 
mailing list messages which had or didn't have a 
[listName] subject prefix:

- 2288 messages with a [listName] subject prefix

- 20 messages without a [listName] subject 
prefix, of which 15 were nginx postings

So, omitting the prefix is an unusual choice, but 
if it's necessary then that's fine.

Thanks for responding,

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