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Ian Hobson ian.hobson at
Mon Nov 4 19:23:28 UTC 2013

Hi Francis,

Your guess was spot on. I had domain "resellerdev.anake.hcs" confused 
with "reseller.anake.hcs" , becasue of a switch about on my favourites 
menu :(



On 04/11/2013 19:01, Francis Daly wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 04, 2013 at 05:37:15PM +0000, Ian Hobson wrote:
> Hi there,
>> I'm baffled. What I want to do is to serve static and php files from one
>> root if they exist there, and
>> from another if they don't, and give a 404 error if the file is in
>> neither location. I have the following config file.
>> It gives me "No input file specified. " for *all* inputs - and I mean
>> all. Files in $centralroot,
>> files in $resellerroot, files in neither, static files, and php files.
>> Why?   What am I doing silly???
> Not using that config file, that server block, or that nginx?
>> I'm using nginx 1.2.6, compiled with the Comet module included.
> With
> $ sbin/nginx -V
> nginx version: nginx/1.2.6
> built by gcc 4.4.5 (Debian 4.4.5-8)
> configure arguments: --with-debug --add-module=../nginx_http_push_module-0.692/
> it happily serves local files and php scripts for me.
> What does the debug log say is happening, when you use "curl" to access
> one specific url?
> 	f

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