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Tue Sep 3 05:22:36 UTC 2013

I am setting up nginx as POP3 mail proxy to two 3rd party mail servers.
Different domains, one of them uses SSL.

Since I do not have that 3rd party's SSL certificate I use my own company
certificate in nginx. That cert is properly signed but obviousy belongs to
another domain (our domain).

If I connect to the non-ssl server through nginx all works fine (port 110 on
nginx and 3rd party server).
If I connect to the ssl domain through nginx  (port 995 on nginx and 3rd
party server) I seem to not get a response from the 3rd party server. The
authentication routine on connection establishment is properly called by
nginx (correct uname/pw) and it returns that the user is OK (correct 3rd
party IP address is returned as well).

Using the email client without proxy works fine, meaning: uname/pw are

- Is such configuration possible at all (ssl to 3rd party server without
having that server's certificate installed on nginx)?
- Is nginx in this configurtion a man-in-the middle? Could that be a
- Any idea how to further debug?


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