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Thu Sep 19 09:53:42 UTC 2013

Hi BrindleFly.

My name is Hongli Lai, and I am the CTO of Phusion and main developer behind
Phusion Passenger. We noticed this topic moments ago.

I apologize for the inconvenience that this problem has caused you, but I'd
like to point out that your problem has got absolutely nothing to do with us
selling a commercial version. For one, we take pride in writing stable,
robust, well-performing software, whether we charge for it or not. The open
source version of Phusion Passenger is a fully-featured, mature product that
stands on its own, even without Enterprise enhancements. Deliberately making
software fail with obscure errors, such as what *appears* to be the case for
you, goes against every part of our philosophy and morals.

Second, the *only* technical changes in the Enterprise version are as
advertised on https://www.phusionpassenger.com/enterprise and as documented
in the manual. There are absolutely no technical changes between the open
source and the Enterprise version which would cause a difference in behavior
like this. We only sell on features, not on core stability.

In other words: the problem you're experiencing is most likely just a bug.
If that's the case then the bug would exist in both the open source as well
as the Enterprise version. Your problem description is most peculiar: you
mentioned that compiling out the Phusion Passenger module in Nginx makes
things work. However the Phusion Passenger module doesn't do *anything*
unless you explicitly set `passenger_enabled` on for that context, and in no
way changes Nginx's core behavior. Having said that, I do not exclude the
possibility that there are subtle interactions which could still introduce

I would like to invite you, or anybody who experiences similar problems, to
contact us through the Phusion Passenger community discussion forum:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/phusion-passenger and to provide
more information.
If this really is a bug, we'll do our best to fix it, Enterprise user or

With kind regards,
Hongli Lai

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