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Thu Sep 19 09:59:01 UTC 2013

Hi Anatoly.

In case you haven't seen my other reply: my name is Hongli Lai, and I am the
CTO of Phusion and main developer behind Phusion Passenger. We noticed this
topic moments ago. As I've mentioned in my other reply, we take pride in
writing stable, robust, well-performing software, whether we charge for it
or not. The open source version of Phusion Passenger is a fully-featured,
mature product that stands on its own, even without Enterprise enhancements.
Deliberately making software fail with obscure errors, such as what appears
to be the case for BrindleFly, goes against every part of our philosophy and
morals. I can assure you that the problems described in this topic have got
absolutely nothing to do with us selling a commercial version.

You mentioned "a lot of the same issues on Passenger bugtracker", and "the
bug is years old". Can you point out which ones exactly? The described issue
bears similarity to some old issues in Phusion Passenger 3 (and indeed,
BrindleFly is using version 3). Those issues have been fixed in Phusion
Passenger 4, released in May 2013. Even in the open source version. Version
4 is a major improvement and closed many issues on our bug tracker. In the
past half year alone we've managed to reduce the number of outstanding
issues in our issue tracker by 50%.

You see, in Phusion Passenger 3, the core I/O engine was multithreaded and
there were certain I/O patterns (which involve file uploads) that it didn't
handle correctly. In version 4, the core I/O engine has been entirely
rewritten in an evented manner, not unlike how Nginx itself works. All I/O
patterns are now handled correctly.

I would like to invite you, or anybody who experiences similar problems, to
contact us through the Phusion Passenger community discussion forum:
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/phusion-passenger and to provide
more information. If there is a bug, we'll do our best to fix it, Enterprise
user or not.

With kind regards,
Hongli Lai

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