Transforming nginx for Windows

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Mon Sep 23 17:43:06 UTC 2013

Lua compiled in!

Transforming nginx for Windows:,242426!forum/openresty-en (Lua nginx compiled
for nginx windows)
Builds can be found here:

10:37 23-9-2013: nginx Alice

Based on nginx 1.5.6 (22-9-2013) with;
+ Streaming with nginx-rtmp-module, v1.0.4 (
+ lua-nginx-module v0.8.9 (tnx to agentzh about precompiled headers!)
+ LuaJIT-2.0.2 => (lua51.dll include / lua51.lib build)
+ Added lua51.dll (is required)
+ ngx_devel_kit v0.2.15
* Additional specifications are like 10:27 10-9-2013: B02 build

- Still working on the multiple worker issue.

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