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Maxim Konovalov maxim at
Tue Sep 24 14:35:32 UTC 2013

Hi Florian.

On 9/24/13 6:24 PM, Florian Obser wrote:
> Hi,
> OpenBSD is working on replacing the (heavily patched) apache 1.3 in
> base with nginx. During that work the question was raised if we can
> have a nginx.conf(5) man page.

Nice to hear.

> As a proof of concept I put a perl script together which scrapes the
> pages on (below "Modules reference") and
> generates a mdoc(7) file.
> * what's the license of the documentation?

It's under the same license as the whole nginx distribution:

> * is the documentation on generated from some
>   sort of source file? Parsing the html works reasonably well but is not
>   optimal.

It is generated from xml files.  The whole repository is
public (see "Source Code" section):

Also, you can explore it online:

Please note that has documentation
for nginx f/oss and nginx-plus, our commercial product under
commercial license.

The features available in nginx-plus only have an appropriate note
in the documentation.

> * would there be interest to include a man page into the distribution
>   once it's ready?

I think it's a good idea while we manage to keep a single source for
both docs and man page.

Maxim Konovalov

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