X-Real-Proto ?

Igor Sysoev igor at sysoev.ru
Mon Apr 21 11:56:41 UTC 2014

On Apr 21, 2014, at 15:47 , Igor Sysoev wrote:

> On Apr 21, 2014, at 15:03 , etienne.champetier at free.fr wrote:
>> Hi,
>> There is ngx_http_realip_module to have the real ip in nginx when you are behind a load balancer
>> If the load balancer is also terminating the ssl, and connecting to nginx with http, how to set the real proto ?
> proxy_set_header X-Real-Proto  $scheme;
> http://nginx.org/r/$scheme

Sorry, misread your question. A load balancer can set any protocol name in any header,
but it is impossible to switch to this protocol at this phase.

Igor Sysoev

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