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Sat Dec 6 23:49:44 UTC 2014


i got a special proxy cache configuration to do and i really don't know how
to solve it.

the situation is the following. We use an upstream proxy to be high
availible with our project. The project is a api which uses get und
post-data to calculate something.

the caching is working nice and smoothly, but now we'd like to cut out some
special calls from the cache.

i'll try to explain which calls we'd like to cache and which not.

lets say the base url is http://api.domain.tld/calculate
everthing that is behind that base will be send to the api and put into the
calculation process.

What we'd like to cache is something like:
http://api.domain.tld/calculate/%CUSTOMER_ID%/ (and everything what comes
behind that url)

And this calls we doesn't like to cache:

i tested really much, with different location settings, but everytime i add
the location
/calculation/ the POST Requests gets a 404 and nothing works anymore.

If somebody has a oppinion how i can solve this problem, it would be really
nice to hear.

thanks a lot 

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