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You probably want to look into the proxy_cache_bypass and proxy_no_cache

On 12/06/2014 03:49 PM, MasterTH wrote:
> Hi,
> i got a special proxy cache configuration to do and i really don't know how
> to solve it.
> the situation is the following. We use an upstream proxy to be high
> availible with our project. The project is a api which uses get und
> post-data to calculate something.
> the caching is working nice and smoothly, but now we'd like to cut out some
> special calls from the cache.
> i'll try to explain which calls we'd like to cache and which not.
> lets say the base url is http://api.domain.tld/calculate
> everthing that is behind that base will be send to the api and put into the
> calculation process.
> What we'd like to cache is something like:
> http://api.domain.tld/calculate/%CUSTOMER_ID%/ (and everything what comes
> behind that url)
> And this calls we doesn't like to cache:
> http://api.domain.tld/calculate/?calc=23+45
> http://api.domain.tld/calculate?calc=23*45
> i tested really much, with different location settings, but everytime i add
> the location
> /calculation/ the POST Requests gets a 404 and nothing works anymore.
> If somebody has a oppinion how i can solve this problem, it would be really
> nice to hear.
> thanks a lot 
> masterth
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