How to write nginx, NGINX or Nginx ?

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> It seems the original and preferred way to spell it is 'nginx', the one cming from Igor. I am still wondering about capitalizing the name, but since it is to me a personal name, I do not apply rules that would normally affect common names.
> Thus, IMHO, I would use 'nginx' wherever it is used, with no capital whatsoever.
> I saw some nginx company-related stuff spelled NGINX, but that is ugly and almost always marketing-related resources. Never trust sales(wo)men to best know the product they sale. ;o)

It probably also has to do with the transcription of the cyrillic letters to latin letters.

Also, there seem to be different ways of „capitalization“ in American English and Russian, if you look around the web a bit.
(My own knowledge of Russian is best described as „extremely limited, bordering the nonexistent“).

I’m actually glad that Igor and his crew thought about the important things first and didn’t waste time nor money paying a consultant to come up with a „cool“ name (and the accompanying dot-io domain…)

BTW: not sure if this has been posted, but in a recent marketing-email, I was alerted to this very informative timeline of nginx development: <>

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