Wiki updates -- was: Can anyone tell me how to delete spam pages on the wiki?

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Tue Jun 3 09:54:39 UTC 2014

I’d like to offer a MONSTER thank you to talkingnews and tsbolzonello for helping battle the wiki spam. 

We’ve had no net new spam in more than a week and all the old spam has been vanquished.  

Next up is going through the existing content to audit and update the remaining pages.  If any of you are interested in helping and have trouble editing, please send me and email.

talkingnews and tsbolzonello, please send me your physical mail addresses. I’d like to ship you some treats.


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Subject:  Can anyone tell me how to delete spam pages on the wiki?  

Click this:  

See the problem?! I stopped counting at 500 pages. It gets kinda tedious  
searching for info to end up wading through wedding dress and SEO spam and  
finding out "how to finger you woman".  

I can't seem to do anything except "blank" the pages - my wiki username is  
talkingnews. If someone can give me "the power", I promise not to be  
malicious, but when I get a spare 10 minutes from time to time I'll go  
through and delete 100 or so spams.  

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