Wiki updates -- was: Can anyone tell me how to delete spam pages on the wiki?

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Tue Jun 3 10:24:06 UTC 2014

sarahnovotny Wrote:

> I’d like to offer a MONSTER thank you to talkingnews and tsbolzonello
> for helping battle the wiki spam. 

The least I can do in return for this great nginx server! email sent :)

> Next up is going through the existing content to audit and update the
> remaining pages.  If any of you are interested in helping and have
> trouble editing, please send me and email.

Thought I'd reply on-list to see what others think here:

Regarding those other pages, what about pages like this? - I know it says "old/obsolete", but as it
appears second in Google search results, perhaps a redirect to might make things easier?

Also, the Chinese pages seem to mix between and

I see that in this example:
that there's a move to moving the Chs from the start to the end of the URL.

However, nginx is truly international and growing fast - is there any
extension, configuration or module for the Wiki which would allow pages to
be tagged or grouped by language, so someone could include or exclude a
language in search results? I think that would be helpful to have the same
page names but under language directories, a bit like php do, eg:

Also, I know that you can see the "last updated" date by clicking the little
calendar on the top right, but I was thinking that it might be useful to
have a "last updated" date clearly on the main page, perhaps at the head or

Also, how about an "applies to" section? That way, I could tick "applies to
1.7+" and just get pages containing tips and configs for this version.

Just throwing some thoughts out there - anyone else got any thoughts on

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