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Wed Jun 4 04:48:42 UTC 2014

Hi Jonathan Matthews, 

Thank you for your valuable comments. 
I understand , what you would like to suggest, b ut we are using self-signed certificate just for trial demo. 

Once UAT is done, we would be using actual certificate, where I guess we will not face any issue. 

Thanks & Regards, 
Vishal Mestri 

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On 3 June 2014 11:58, Vishal Mestri <vishal.mestri at> wrote: 
> Hi B.R. and all, 
> Really thank you for your support till now. 
> We were able to resolve issue on IE as well as on Firefox. 
> we did following settings:- 
> 1) IE 
> We added my website to secure site list. 
> Post that, I imported certificate to "Trusted Root Certiication 
> Authorities". 

And that's a solution for /all/ clients who'll be accessing this site? 
You're going to make them install your *site* cert as a root CA? 

I think you may have made a mistake here. At the very least, you're 
doing the wrong thing. 

> 2) I used "security exception option" by adding same certificate twice by 
> accessing two different ports 6401 and 443. 


I'd keep working on this, if it were me. YMMV. 

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