Issue nginx - ajax

Jonathan Matthews contact at
Wed Jun 4 09:11:20 UTC 2014

On 4 June 2014 05:48, Vishal Mestri <vishal.mestri at> wrote:
> Hi Jonathan Matthews,
> Thank you for your valuable comments.
> I understand , what you would like to suggest, but we are using self-signed
> certificate just for trial demo.
> Once UAT is done, we would be using actual certificate, where I guess we
> will not face any issue.

The 2 problems I have seen you state in this thread are that 1) your
error logs are full of "upstream prematurely closed connection while
reading upstream", and 2) this problem doesn't go away when you use
HTTP instead of HTTPS.

I am unsure why you think the provenance of your SSL certificate has
*anything* to do with these two error conditions. I suggest to you
that it /really/ doesn't; and that you haven't found the root cause of
your problem.

Good luck with it,

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