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Wed Jun 11 14:58:47 UTC 2014


I have a rails application that is hosted through nginx and passenger. In
this application I want provide very large files for the users to download
(>2GB) using send_file .. which is working just fine on the development and
staging system. On the production system however the system tmp directory is
limited to 1GB (separately mounted disk). 

When triggering a download, the tmp folder quickly fills up and the download
breaks once it is completely full. I already moved passengers /tmp directory
to a new location but could find how to do the same for nginx (I did set
$tmp and $tmpdir with no effect). 

When looking into the /tmp directory however, I cannot find any large files
that would explain what is happening, nevertheless, df reports it is filling
up at the same time .. 

Lastly .. I also specified the proxy_temp_path directive in the nginx
config. Again with no effect. 

Is there any way to specify which directory nginx uses for its tmp data? Is
nginx even the culprit here?

Thanks .. any help is greatly appreciated.


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