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Maxim Dounin mdounin at
Wed Jun 11 19:23:30 UTC 2014


On Wed, Jun 11, 2014 at 10:58:47AM -0400, Tatonka wrote:

> Hi, 
> I have a rails application that is hosted through nginx and passenger. In
> this application I want provide very large files for the users to download
> (>2GB) using send_file .. which is working just fine on the development and
> staging system. On the production system however the system tmp directory is
> limited to 1GB (separately mounted disk). 
> When triggering a download, the tmp folder quickly fills up and the download
> breaks once it is completely full. I already moved passengers /tmp directory
> to a new location but could find how to do the same for nginx (I did set
> $tmp and $tmpdir with no effect). 
> When looking into the /tmp directory however, I cannot find any large files
> that would explain what is happening, nevertheless, df reports it is filling
> up at the same time .. 
> Lastly .. I also specified the proxy_temp_path directive in the nginx
> config. Again with no effect. 

The proxy_temp_path is related to the problem, but it's for proxy, 
not for passenger, and it's expected that it has no effect in your 

> Is there any way to specify which directory nginx uses for its tmp data? Is
> nginx even the culprit here?

That's not about nginx, but rather about passenger module for 

Last time I checked, passenger module for nginx implemented its 
own protocol for the upstream module (like proxy/fastcgi/etc), and 
should have its own "..._temp_path" directive, as well as 
"..._max_temp_file_size" and so on.

Maxim Dounin

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