Caching servers in Local ISPs !!

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Thanks itpp but the issue is still same and still the ip is from the main
server in inspect element as well as in local-caching nginx access logs, i
am getting the client ip as main-server's ip instead of original client ip
and i am sure that i am doing something wrong. Well i have another question
now, as our test with CIDR notation worked well with nginx geo module and
nginx decided to route specific ips to specific server (caching server).

So, the specific subnet coming from our ISP to the main server will be
routed to the local caching server and our ISP will have to tell us each
time to add specific ip prefix in the nginx config to route them towards
their caching server. So the problem is, whenever few hundreds ip prefixes
are added to their network, they'll have to provide us those prefixes in
order to enable caching for newly added ips.

We just had a chat with our local ISP and he said that you should use some
services like BGP to automatically detect if any new ip prefixes are added
to our network and we'll not have to tell you each time we add some ip
prefixes to our network.

Could you guide me how could i make this work in our environment. The basic
architecture of our network is :-

Two static servers (serving mp4,jpg). One server located in US and one
server located in Local ISP.

I hope you can put me on some track as you did in the past and provide me
some kick start to work with BGP.

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