Caching servers in Local ISPs !!

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Tue Jun 17 17:11:43 UTC 2014

shahzaib1232 Wrote:
> Thanks itpp but the issue is still same and still the ip is from the
> main
> server in inspect element as well as in local-caching nginx access
> logs, i
> am getting the client ip as main-server's ip instead of original
> client ip

It could be the case the traffic you are getting is from the ISP proxy which
could mean that any traffic is from that ISP only, which makes it easier to
determine which to serve from local. Ask the ISP from where the traffic is
coming from, if it is a proxy then proxy=local.

> So, the specific subnet coming from our ISP to the main server will be
> routed to the local caching server and our ISP will have to tell us
> each
> time to add specific ip prefix in the nginx config to route them
> towards
> their caching server. So the problem is, whenever few hundreds ip
> prefixes
> are added to their network, they'll have to provide us those prefixes
> in
> order to enable caching for newly added ips.

See above, if this is not the case look into if a client has something like
'' you can redirect based on a part of the
client dns name, your ISP can tell you which DHCP named pools there are.

If you can't get the client IP of hostname you gonna need to do some
wiresharking to see where the info is, if it is anywhere.
If the ISP is using a proxy to pass clients to your server ask them to add a
header with the client ip/hostname.

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