Optimization of Nginx for 128 MB RAM VPS

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Wed Jun 18 12:21:38 UTC 2014


I have a 128 MB RAM VPS with 1 vcore of 2,2 GHz x86_64 CPU. The CPU is much
faster than the Rapsberry one so that is not a problem but the RAM usage, I
think, is.

Could You help me optimize my Nginx installation?

Thats my configuration:



The worker_process value is set to the number of vcores which is 1, so it's
OK, I guess.

But what with the worker_connections? I have read that this is the number of
simultaneous connections a single process can handle. How high should this
value be? I am expecting lets say 20 connections per hour. I will host there
only my personal home page and my school notebook (based on Wordpress). Will
increasing this value result in high usage of RAM by idling nginx waiting
for new connections?

PHP-FPM pools configs:


How should I configure the pm values for each of this websites/vhosts? The
one called "zeszyt" is my notebook based on Wordpress, The "pma" one is the
phpMyAdmin and the rest are just normal website builded with my own simple
PHP scripts and HTML files.

Should I set there something more to e.g. to make the file upload possible
like with the phpMyAdmin or it will just work out of the box like with
Apache and PHP module?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,
Aleksander Kurczyk

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