Download full mp4 file with proxy_cache or proxy_store !!

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Mon Jun 23 12:47:08 UTC 2014

@Roman thanks for reply,

>> your second request has a different cache key, so the
file is downloaded again.

Means, if a user seeks through the video i.e http://url/test.mp4?start=99 ,
the whole file again gets downloaded or the partial part of the file from
99sec to onward gets downloaded ? If the whole file downloaded again each
time, does nginx support something like, if user seeks through the video
start=99 and the rest of the file gets download instead of the whole file ?
Is the rsync only solution if not nginx?

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 5:22 PM, Roman Arutyunyan <arut at> wrote:

> On 19 Jun 2014, at 10:12, shahzaib shahzaib <shahzaib.cb at> wrote:
> >
> >       we're using two servers (one proxy and one backend). Proxy server
> is using proxy_cache to cache mp4 files from backend server and working
> fine. When i stream a full video from cache, the header response gives me
> the cache-status: HIT but whenever i seek the mp4 file i.e
> http://url/test.mp4?start=33 , the Cache-status changes to : MISS . Does
> that mean, the proxy server is again downloading the same file after the 33
> seconds ?
> Since default proxy_cache_key has $args in it, your second request has a
> different cache key, so the
> file is downloaded again.
> Moreover the mp4 module does not work over proxy cache.  That means even
> if you fix the cache key issue
> mp4 seeking will not work.  You need to have a local mp4 file to be able
> to seek mp4 like that.
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