map $uri in 1.3.0+ NOT working in 1.6.0+

nikolaos2012 nginx-forum at
Fri Oct 3 04:58:55 UTC 2014

Turns out that this was a mis-configuration on our end and that it works
great in 1.6.0+

We had the issue on a test server that had 2 sites sharing the same IP
address but moreover both sites assigned the $use_secure variable so it was
being overwritten by the 2nd site and always set to 0 b/c of no match of a
URI with the 1st site against the 2nd site.  Resolution was simple... I just
suffixed the variables appropriately for each site... e.g. $use_secure_xx
and $use_secure_yy and the problem went away.

Wasted a lot of time trying to debug.  Perhaps Nginx "can" be smarter and
catch such a situation (i.e. that 2 or more map directives set the same
variable) and perhaps issue a warning.  Either way though no big deal... it
just was hard to pin down... as it involved multiple file domain configs.

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