Qualys (ssl labs) results question

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Mon Oct 20 06:15:59 UTC 2014


>      Session resumption (caching)    No (IDs assigned but not
> accepted)
>      Session resumption (tickets)    No   INTOLERANT
> Should I change my config to alter these two results (for performance
> OR 
> security)?  If so, can anyone identify what config options I should 
> add/change?

ssl_session_cache might be useful, please read: 

> Also, is there a way to force the "Server hostname" to be a specific 
> FQDN (that we use for this server and website)? 

i think you'd need to configure reverse-dns for your site's name to point 
to that server's ip, and you must use A-records, not CNAMES; if this
sounds uncommon to you ask your hosting-provider, they should be able to
your questions.



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