Wood plastic composites (Wood-Plastic Composites, WPC) is booming each at residence and abroad in recent years a brand new sort of composite material

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Primary options

Wood-plastic composite Foundation for high density polyethylene and wood
fiber, determines its personal has some properties of plastic and wood.

1) good processability

Wood-plastic composite material containing plastics and fibers, and has
related machining properties of wood, saw, nail, Planer used woodworking
gear to complete, and nail holding energy is superior to other synthetic
materials. Mechanical properties of wood supplies. Nail holding energy of
wood in general is 3 occasions, 5 instances is particle board.

2) very good strength properties

Wood-plastic composite material containing plastics, so it has superior
elastic modulus.<a
cup machine</a>  Moreover, the inside with plastic fiber and completely
mixed, which includes a comparable with hardwood mechanical properties for
instance compressive, flexural, and their durability is obviously improved
than ordinary wood components. Higher surface hardness, usually is 2--5
times the wood.

three) has a water resistant, corrosion-resistant overall performance,
lengthy service life

Compared with wood wood plastic composites and its products, sturdy acid and
alkali resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, and does not
breed bacteria, not bitten, don't grow fungi. Lengthy service life, is
usually greater than 50 years.

4) fine adjustment

By auxiliaries, plastics can polymerize, foaming and curing, modification,
transform, altering the density and strength of wood plastic composites and
other qualities, also can attain the ageing resistant, anti-static, flame
retardants as well as other particular requirements.

5) with UV stability, superior coloring.

six) its greatest benefit would be the treasure, 100% recycling and
reproduction. Is usually <a
href="http://www.grandplas.com/wpcpvc-foam-board-machine-7.html">WPC foam
board machine</a> decomposed, without the need of causing "white pollution",
is genuinely green items.

7) raw material sources

Production of wood-plastic composite supplies high-density polyethylene or
polypropylene plastic raw supplies are mostly wood fibres could possibly be
wood flour, Bran, or wood fiber, and require tiny amounts <a
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Sheet Extrusion Line</a>
 of additives and processing AIDS.

8) could possibly be essential, made of any shape and size.

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