Polyurethane sandwich panel production line-polyurethane Panel production line, Continuous production line in the region of industrial and creating insulation making use of polyurethane Panel continuous production lines

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Continuous production line in the region of industrial and building
insulation working with polyurethane Panel continuous production lines for
components has extended occupied a dominant position, continuous production
line of polyurethane sandwich panel production line in the past spent a good
deal of time and power. On account of the special properties and versatility
of polyurethane rigid foam polyurethane Panel continuous production line,
which is widely utilized in many fields. Continuous production line of
polyurethane Panel production sheet metal approach is divided into
continuous and discontinuous production continuous production line of
polyurethane Panel. Each of those production procedures are effectively used
the other foaming agents replace the freon 11 blowing agents, polyurethane
Panel production lines in most consecutive n-pentane and also other
environmentally friendly foaming agent.

Continuous sheet production method is undoubtedly the easiest way to attain
the desired top quality and quantity. Continuous polyurethane Panel
production line technology for massive scale premium quality plate
production, no matter if it's soft or challenging standing surface plate
continuous production line of polyurethane Panel.


Production line of polyurethane sandwich panel production line

1, line composition

Continuous Pu sandwich panel production line set open, shut off docking,
laminating, beading/molding, foaming, continuous curing, preheating,
cutting, stacking, packing as well as other functions, a high degree of
automation and steady performance.

Open area: several uncoiler, conveyor roller, conveyor, shearing machines,
laminating machines and other devices for the upper and lower layers of
roller conveyor plate.

Polyurethane sandwich panel production line forming area: roll forming
equipment is divided into two layers and quick transform bodies, can produce
a variety of shapes of Board, to meet diverse client wants.

Foam: polyurethane high-pressure foaming machines, moulding machines,
double-tracked laminating machines and other equipment.

Polyurethane foaming machines, equipped with electronic metering devices,
automatic feeding method, make sure uniform in full accordance together with
the ratio of raw components mixing, spraying; d

Tracked machine with precise temperature manage method and dependable
foaming approach, making sure uniform sheet foam, dense, firm bonding.

Cutting region: servo-sawing and milling machines, and finished sheet length

Palletising packaging region: rapid roller conveyor, Auto-reverse,
palletizing, packaging systems and other equipment, and can full the sheet

Sent, flip, move, Pack, along with other functions, strengthen the
efficiency of production lines, product packaging effect to make sure no
harm throughout the production and transportation procedure;

Automatic manage systems: the production line equipped with a Siemens handle
method and humanized operation interface easy to operate, monitor, advanced
computer handle, and line parameters are easy to adjust and proficiently
guarantees the steady and efficient operation with the production line. This
line is developed for the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced
technologies, reputable operation from the line, high degree of automation,
with international advanced level.

Production location homes and potting, premixed installed ventilation
systems, composed by centrifugal blower with piping, centrifugal blower
installed outside the factory, the web-site fan is commonly open kind, it's
essential to initially start the fan ventilation production, in addition to
the web page customers have installed their own shop ventilation program
controlled by a monitoring device, when production starts.

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