Nginx serving Large static files on windows

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Sat Oct 25 18:32:28 UTC 2014

It heavily depends on the mp4 file used. moov atom needs to be at the beginning of the file, for example. Get mp4box and read its doc, it will help you prepare the file for streaming.

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> Well i dont get it all at once i just have to wait like 44 seconds before
> the first byte or bit of the download so i can play the media while the rest
> of it downloads.
> It is such a unique issue. I never noticed it until now because when i watch
> the same length videos on youtube and places they stream it via rtmp with
> dash i recon. But when you delieve just a standard mp4 file for html5
> streaming you encounter this problem.
> I read that even cpu or ram could contribute to this but i find that
> unlikely.
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