can't disable logging of static resources like images

B.R. reallfqq-nginx at
Wed Oct 29 23:51:21 UTC 2014

IMO your configuration looks like an include maze/mess, so I won't dig to
far in it.

>From what I saw you define at least 2 servers listening on port 80 with
nothing to differentiate them from each other (such as a server_name).
I thought that kind of configuration was rejected by nginx, if my memory
does not fail me.

I would:
1°) Check your configuration is accepted by nginx and effectively applied
(testing it before reload + on reload, check the error log)
2°) 1 request is served by 1 location only. Ensure you are up to speed with
location modifier precedence (see location
documentation) and that your request is effectively being served by the
pointed location

The 'bug' you see comes from either point: Or your configuration is not
applied, or your request is being served somewhere else.

To simplify this test procedure, I strongly recommend you to come down to a
minimal configuration avoiding useless includes until you can narrow the
problem down.
Once that done, I would then progressively add the includes again.
During that process, I would also taking the opportunity of
cleaning/reorganizing it better. That would help maintenance, and nginx
configuration as been thought to allow scalable configuration, so you can
for sure do better than that.

Seeing the mess in your configuration, I would not call for a bug in the
most widely directive ever used by nginx, but rather call for having
creating your own doom with such poorly written conf... ;o)
Good luck,
*B. R.*

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 8:38 PM, Igal @ <igal at>

> does the order of access_log directives matter?
> I can't disable the logging of static resources.
> I have the main config file which contains the access_log directive at
> line #74
> and includes a config file for each site like
> I expect line 32 at the included file to disable to access log for these
> files but they are still logged.
> any ideas?
> Thanks
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