502 errors with nginx and php5-fpm

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Tue Sep 16 19:19:05 UTC 2014


Just find out some clues and these are related to segmentation faults.

In php logs ia have: WARNING: [pool www] child 20050 exited on signal 11
(SIGSEGV) after 57.791598 seconds from start
in /var/log/messages I have :php5-fpm[2791]: segfault at fffffffa ip
0832d6d4 sp bf8e51c0 error 5 in php5-fpm[8048000+835000]

I'm running Debian wheezy with dotdeb repo (5.5.16-1~dotdeb.1) and opcache
with apcu.

This neve happened to me. Should I try to change to xcache with memcache?
Any suggestions?


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