Support team says Nginx + Passenger harder to support than Apache

Scott Larson stl at
Tue Sep 30 17:15:48 UTC 2014

     Frankly it sounds more like laziness or being averse to change. All I
can relay is experience with our setup here which is purely FreeBSD with an
internal Poudriere based package build server, and system/config management
with Salt. Taken as a whole it's a painless and relatively trivial process
to keep nginx+modules fully up to date and pushed to all the servers. In
your case the key part is the management layer. Salt, Ansible, Chef,
Puppet, whatever, those things do the true heavy lifting once your server
count rises to greater than two and completely levels the field for ease of
updates between nginx and Apache.
     I will say the Passenger module seems to be one of those which goes
through fits of updates which if I had to use it would be mildly irksome
for non-technical reasons. But with a proper method of package deployment
it remains an easy job. Even if nginx were slightly harder to keep updated,
which again it's not, I'd still go through the trouble simply for the
performance circles it runs around Apache.

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On Tue, Sep 30, 2014 at 9:50 AM, Dewangga <dewanggaba at>

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> Are you using system and/or config management to manage your third
> party software? IMHO, nginx and apache is same, the different is only
> on configuration and performance.
> Pkgs, pacthes, updates, etc depend on each linux distribution. IMHO.
> On 9/30/2014 23:41, drfence wrote:
> > I work for a big news organization in the South East..  The support
> > team is arguing that it's more difficult to support Nginx +
> > Passenger because any patches, etc are made by updating source (
> > compiling modules statically ) and re-installing.  This is as
> > opposed to Apache that can be updated using yum with pre-built
> > binaries.
> >
> > Curious what people on this mailing list say about the support
> > team argument.
> >
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