Weird behavior when checking the existence of a cookie

Marcello Rocha marcello.rocha at
Tue Sep 30 20:25:29 UTC 2014

Hmmm... that's not really an option. The upstream does not know that it's
under a subdir of the domain (and the devs insist that it shouldn't be
coupled to that).

Also, if the cookie detection lines are commented out, the proxy_pass (w/
the ending forward slash) works as expected.

This specific behavior (cookie detection affecting proxy_pass) seems rather
inconsistent. =/

Other than that the requirements are similar to the thread named "Rewriting
location directive by upstream servers".

Thanks :D

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> By default the $uri is appended to the proxy_pass directive.
> Since you defined as
> proxy_pass http://upstream*/*;
> and the $uri starts with a slash you will have a double slash.
> Try to set proxy_pass like
> proxy_pass http://upstream;
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