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Tue Apr 21 04:00:15 UTC 2015

OK, thanks for the guidance.  I will go have a look.  I was using two texts
that somehow convinced me it was done this way.  I'll read up with the
online documentation.


shiroweb Wrote:
> Hi, I'm not sure what you did, but nginx.conf file, is only used to
> configure the http server, not vhosts.
> There is 2 ways to setup vhosts (called server blocs in NginX) :
> A. Use the default config file (usually located @
> /etc/nginx/sites-available/default) and add all your vhosts there. The
> default file is self explanatory
> B. You can use a different file for every server bloc (vhost) by
> making a
> copy of the default file :
> /etc/nginx/sites-available/vhost1.tld
> /etc/nginx/sites-available/vhos2.tld
> ....
> I think the conflict you are facing is due to default config file,
> delete
> the symbolic link found in /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/ folder.
> Hope this helps
> Some interesting readings when starting with NginX :
> http://nginx.org/en/docs/beginners_guide.html
> http://blog.martinfjordvald.com/2010/07/nginx-primer/

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