What cause the error for this http/https wordpress configuration file?

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Fri Aug 28 00:26:36 UTC 2015

> We dont need to redirect http traffic to https. In addition, I want to 
> access it either by http: //example.com, http: //www.example.com, https: 
> //example.com, or https: //www.example.com
>  3. https: //www.example.com/fold1/readme.php was loaded over HTTPS, but 
> requested an insecure script 'http:
//www.example.com/fold1/js/user-profile.min.js?ver=4.3'. This request has 
been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.

Since the access log doesn't show any denied requests this seems as a 
WordPress configuration issue (though I'm no WP expert) - I imagine you have 
configured Wordpress with a global URL (in General settings) like 
http://www.example.com but that way when you open the https:// version all 
the assets (js/css) in the html source will have the absolute path/url (you 
can check the source for src="http://.. ") which by default are being 
blocked by browsers (it doesn't even get to nginx) as non-secure content and 
the page without any css styles or scripts can look empty/broken.

If you don't want to force the http->https redirect you should either 
configure the the WP with relative url or skip the protocol at all (eg use 
just //example.com).

A more lengthy article can be read here 


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