websocket causes "client sent invalid method ..."

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Wed Jul 1 03:08:36 UTC 2015


I'm trying setup nginx for socket proxy. I was able to find that nginx can
be configured to proxy websockets and added an error log file in the server
configuration block to isolate the messages, and I get:

client sent invalid method while reading client request line, client:
XX.XX.XX.1, server: , request: ҁb▒▒"

in the access logs I see:

XX.XX.XX.1 - - [30/Jun/2015:17:39:15 -0400]
"\x00\x08\x1B\x19\x94\xD2\x81b\xBD\xF3" 400 172 "-" "-" "-"

The software that is I need to proxy is a remote assistant application with
a web servlet running inside tomcat and with two client applications, one
admin and one user, that connect to the server and communicate.

Is there anything that can be done to make it work?

Thank you in advance.

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