Nginx gets halt on 15K connections !!

Valentin V. Bartenev vbart at
Fri May 8 13:26:35 UTC 2015

On Friday 08 May 2015 18:15:59 shahzaib shahzaib wrote:
> Hi Valentine,
> >>What's really important is the connections that nginx cannot close.  The
> >>active ones.
> >>How long the connection is active depends on the request processing time.
>   Thanks for pointing that to me. Nginx serving around 800Mb of mp4 files
> but the problem is we're unable to track request processing time. Could you
> please let us know some method/command to find how long the connection
> remains active during request being  process ?

You can add the $request_time variable to your access logs:$request_time

And then analyze the logs.

> Though, one thing is for sure, increasing worker_connections resolved our
> problem. Current connections setting is quite high but working well to
> entertain large number of connections with 900Mbps outward traffic. Here's
> our workers and connections settings:
> worker_processors 48;
> worker_connections 102400;

Actually I would recommend you to buy the professional support:

I regularly see you trying to solve complicated problems in this mailing
list, so my advise to would be to buy the professional support:

  wbr, Valentin V. Bartenev

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