Let's Encrypt TLS project: seeking nginx configuration module help

B.R. reallfqq-nginx at yahoo.fr
Tue Nov 10 08:54:00 UTC 2015


You might have heard about the Let's Encrypt <https://letsencrypt.org/>
project, delivering Domain-Validated TLS certificates for free.
General public availability is planned to next week, Novembre 16th. People
who have registered to the beta program might have unlock domains they own
and got their certificates already, as I did.

​They ​are using an automated system to deliver certificates which is
Python-based and open-source.

They are currently struggling
with their nginx module, allowing a certificate to be automatically
installed on nginx. Experts are called for to help on a list of issues on

​If a kind soul wished to give a hand on the matter, the project would be
more than welcoming. :o)​

​Have a nice day (and soon nice free DV TLS certificates!),
*B. R.*
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