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On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 12:23 AM, Sylvain BERTRAND <
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> That's why I'm posting here: *Only nginx* www sites does block lynx.
> Something
> is not right there: a default aggressive blocking policy from nginx?

​There is a difference between 'only websites I visit which happen to use
nginx' and 'every nginx websites'
Stock nginx does nothing else but serving data to clients in the most
simple way and RFC-compliant.​

As Francis pointed out, it is most probably a deliberate configuration from
those websites you visit which may consider your user-agent string looking
too much like crawlers/bots.
As Francis also told you, if nginx.org or nginx.com websites are accessible
to you without harm, then the nginx product is not the source of your
trouble, and you might be willing to contact the adminitrators of the
websites you visit to complain and talk about a solution.
You might also change your user-agent string to look like more 'official'
ones, unless you wish to defend the use of lynx, which might be a
meaningful quest.

Best of luck,
*B. R.*
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