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Fri Oct 2 07:54:59 UTC 2015

11:04 1-10-2015 nginx Kitty

Whats small and slender red and peach, blue eyes, white face with
whiskers, pink bow ? She ain't really that nice, she ain't even
pretty but she gets the job done so here’s Kitty! Remember kids,
as long as it SMELLS like orange juice, you can drink it.
The nginx Kitty release is here!

Based on nginx 1.9.6 (29-9-2015) with;
+ lua-nginx-module v0.9.17 (upgraded 29-9-2015, *_by_lua_block)
+ nginx-module-vts (fix for nginx starttime going haywire)
* prove06 is still being worked on
+ Source changes back ported
+ Source changes add-on's back ported
+ Changes for nginx_basic: Source changes back ported
* Known broken issues: ajp cache
* Scheduled release: no, maintenance release, h2/Lua fixes
* Additional specifications: see 'Feature list'

Builds can be found here:
Follow releases https://twitter.com/nginx4Windows

Posted at Nginx Forum: http://forum.nginx.org/read.php?2,261976,261976#msg-261976

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